Embrace Your Future ( EYF ) strives to improve the academic success of student participants through the implementation of effective and comprehensive college and career counseling program in the following aspects.

Academic Advising (A2):

EYF understands that the establishment of effective and productive academic skills is essential to long term student success. Providing students access to efficient tools and resources combined with experienced mentor guidance is at the core of student success.

Tutoring & Homework Help:

EYF recognizes the need for academic success in order to achieve college access and will provide students with the necessary tutoring and assistance. Volunteer mentors are equipped and ready to provide hands-on, one on one, and online tutoring and assistance to students who display or request a need for further assistance with any academic coursework. EYF aims to strengthen student performance in areas of Math, Science, English, and Writing.

Test Prep:

EYF recognizes the necessity for high performance in state mandated standardized testing in order for students to achieve successful high school completion. High performance on state mandated and university requested exams allow for students to gain increased access to college through yearly financial support such as scholarships and grants. Additionally, EYF encourages and guides student participants to not only complete but excel in all primary and secondary college entrance performance exams.

  • The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)
  • PSAT 8/9 Test Prep
  • PSAT/NSMQT & PSAT 10 Test Prep
  • ACT & SAT Test Prep

Student Support (S2):

EYF aims to promote student community involvement at an early stage with student participants. This is done through regular community service projects, community volunteer opportunities, and community outreach. The creation of long term success for students is accompanied by community conscious behaviors and relationships within each student with their immediate community. University admissions boards have been shown to display interest in students who are able to set aside time to engage with their communities and commit to long term engagements.

Parent Involvement:

Student success is positively correlated with at-home support and guidance. EYF is committed to ensuring every student’s maximum potential is put to use. This is why we highly encourage parental and guardian to get involved in the child’s education. We encourage parents to contact mentors, directors, and their students with any questions, concerns, and forms of encouragement. We recommend the frequent communication with school personnel and EYF staff. Most importantly we strongly encourage parents to assist their students to realize the full potential of their untapped skills and knowledge. Without a supportive environment, great talent and work ethic can go unused. Help us help your student embrace their dreams by partnering together on their road to success.

Summer Immersion Camp:

EYF hosts a yearly summer immersion program for students in which year long program features are highlighted and introduced. Students will meet with mentors and program directors at a non-campus designated camp facility for EYF camp programs. Students will engage in academic programming aimed at targeting challenges in upcoming standardized testing, community engagement, and leadership workshops. This program will typically take place in weekly intervals and will feature team building and identity building activities. Although, acceptance into the summer program does not guarantee definitive acceptance to EYF’s academic year long program.

College and Career Guidance(C2):

EYF is committed to maximizing the long-term professional and developmental careers of our students. In doing so, requires first identifying potential career interests based on skill sets and affinities the interests of each student. Secondly, we aim to identify college matches and realistic university options for our students in order to establish a long term plan for successful admission, enrollment, and graduation thus maximizing their college access and eventual college success.

  • Career Aptitude and Interest Testing
  • University Matching
  • Admission Application Guidance and Counseling
  • University Enrollment Assistance
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid Assistance